What We Provide 

Solid Marketing Group provides brand consulting, creative marketing, social media marketing, event planning, and philanthropy development for athletes, creatives, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. See below for details. #StaySolid. 


Brand & Image DevelopmenT

At SMG, we get to know you. Our job is to ensure that we understand your standards, your personality, and your passions.

We pride ourselves in finding creative opportunities that will enhance your image—whether for reasons personal, professional.

We help you to develop your brand, creating content and images, including logos, graphic designs, and web designs, that fit your unique needs.

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Social Media Marketing

We stay current on ever-changing trends and set new ones to maximize your brand. We create social engagements that connect you to your target market and grow your presence on your social media outlets.

We increase your social exposure on all platforms and create different opportunities for you to engage with clients, business, and social networks. 




 Public Relations/ media

A great reputation is one of the most important tools in your collection to make certain that negative press are dealt with.

Our goal is for clients is to have a strong audience relationships dedicated to promoting positive exposure and encounters.


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    event marketing & management

Here at SMG we have a passion for bringing your ideas for an event to life! 

We find creative collaborative support from companies and brands and put together an experience that you won't forget.  

Before and during the event we handle all logistics including planning, marketing strategies, managing, ticketing, event signage, and food & beverage.

We promise to launch a one-of-a-kind event attendees will never forget!



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Philanthropy Development

We believe the blueprint of our company begins with the work we do in the community.

We help our clients find creative and effective ways to touch the world around them. 

SMG has worked with a few non-profit organization to reach youth in the community such as Boys and Girls Club of America, PlayWorks, and the Navy CYP child and youth programs.