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New season, new opportunities, are you ready to change?

New season, new opportunities, are you ready to change?



Welcome back family and welcome to a new season! It is now officially spring time! That means warmer weather, graduation celebrations, pool parties and good-bye to jackets. 

I recently had an interesting conversation regarding major life changes. It could be a new job, relocation, new relationship, just to name a few. Trends in fashion and entertainment change every week,  Drake is the hottest name in hip hop if you ask millennials. But if you ask the OG hip hop heads they may have another opinion. We’ve all experienced life changes at some point. In this blog I want to speak on how change affects our lives. This blog is used strictly for motivating and hopefully to inspire people to follow their dreams! 

As mentioned earlier, we are in a brand new season. With the beginning of spring, we will change our wardrobes from coats to short sleeves, we’ll spend more time outside with the warmer weather and longer days. But what about the changes in your life, are you able to adapt and let go like you let those winter coats? Often time we are so scared of change because we are so used to life being a certain way. Sometimes, we are just uncertain as to how life would be with something new that we’re not used to.  

What about that relationship that's been over a year ago but you are holding on by a thread just because you are so used to the routine of them being around. Is this the right thing to do or are we so selfish that we are ignoring the fact that this is hurting both people involved?

Brian Tracey Motivational Speaker

Brian Tracey Motivational Speaker

The Comfort zone : As humans, we always want to feel comfortable. A friend of mine once said "if I just come to work this week I know I’ll make it because I’ll get paid on Friday but I hate coming to work every day". It's so easy to get caught up in this mindset. Going to college in another state and being on my own was a little uncomfortable for me. It was different being away from family and the things that I was used to but it was learning how to adapt to change that helped me grow as a man and as a person. Public speaker Brian Tracy says "Move out of your comfort zone, you can only grow when you feel awkward and uncomfortable trying something new". 


The routine: We often get so comfortable and trapped in a habit that it starts to become a routine. Sometimes we get so used to going the through motions you look up and life and all its opportunities have passed you by. Habit changes into character, it’s a lifestyle that can become good or bad. A quote that makes a lot of sense to me says "We first make our habits and then our habits makes us". It's a choice to pick up good habits. We get so caught up with work school, family, just going through everyday life that we sometimes lose focus on our goals. A bad habit that our generation has picked up on is being so attached to social media. We can’t even eat a meal without checking our cell phones. Routines such as these turn into habits. You must be able to change and adapt or you could easily fall into a cycle of routine. 

Change is always hard. Just remember, getting out of your comfort zone takes you to that next level. Pain and discomfort are only temporary. Peace and Love are forever. Stay Solid.