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Did I really work this hard to stay the same??

Did I really work this hard to stay the same??

Welcome back friends and followers. For those of you who haven't read last week’s blog post, “Three Key Stages in the Process of Reaching Your Goal,” go check it out!

This past weekend I was in San Diego. While there, I struck up a conversation with a photographer. We started talking about how sometimes your peers, and family, want to keep you in a box, meaning they want you to remain the person they’ve always known, whereas you’re trying to turn you passion and dreams into a reality—a reality that they may or may not understand or appreciate yet.

I know I’m not the only one out there who feels this way, or has felt this kind of tug-of-war. So I hope this week’s blog post will inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward, even if everyone’s not on board with your dream. There’s a line from a lyric written by my all-time favorite music artist Jay-Z that talks about this. It says,  “. . . Everybody look at you strange, say you changed. Like you work that hard to stay the same.”

I know I’m not working hard to stay the same, and neither should you. So here’s my take on it. When you’re transitioning into your purpose, whether it’s into a new job new business venture,or even a new relationship, you just have to accept that some people are not going to understand or approve. But you can't let others discourage you from going after what you know in your heart and gut is right for you. Surround yourself with ateam that encourages you and stay positive no matter the situation. Personally, without my core team of friends and brothers I wouldn’t be as motivated. 

 Hip-hop artist J. Cole, who was raised in my home state of North Carolina, once said, "If they don’t know your dream, then they can't shoot them down.” But is that always the best solution?

You can't let your dreams be a secret. For about a year I didn’t tell many people what I wanted to do. I think one reason is that I didn't want to hear people's negative opinions. Another reason is that I was scared. I worried that if I didn't succeed I would look like a failure to my peers. But I finally realized that I'm not pursuing my dream for approval. This is MY passion. This is MY dream! I must let it be known that this is what I am doing and this is my brand.

Once you believe, others will too. Once you believe it yourself, and let your actions show, people will start believing right along with you. Think about Jay-Z—he  grew up in Brooklyn’s infamous Marcy Projects, which Jay-Z has described as a dangerous place to live, full of crime and crack cocaine. But he became hip-hop superstar, then transitioned to corporate America, owning not one but multiple businesses. Can you imagine how many people looked at him crazy when he spoke of owning businesses, meeting with Presidents, the list goes on.  He believed in his own worth. Now others believe too. So let the world know your dreams, because you never know: All it takes is one person to open a door of opportunity for you. Stay motivated and continue to Stay Solid! 



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