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3 Things you need to know about Success


3 Things you need to know about Success

What’s up family long time no see. Hope everyone is having a great start to a new month. New seasons, new opportunities, summer is finally here and Atlanta is extremely HOT! Before I dive into the blog post, I want to share something.

It's funny, you never know who’s paying attention. Recently a friend of mine told me about a young lady he knows who's been reading my blogs. I've come to find out that my blogs have motivated her to quit her job and start her own business! 

This blog is intended to motivate and inspire those looking to follow their dreams.

The writings I share on this blog usually come from conversations I've had or from something I've read. I had a great conversation one morning with my fraternity brother and friend Kwame (SneakerQue) at the gym on entrepreneurship and chasing your dreams.


He's in the Media/TV personality business and is doing pretty well for himself and I’m extremely proud of him because I  have seen the grind and work that he has put in. He's one that I can say motivates me! We spoke about how many people ask for tips to following their passion . Here are three things I would let people know about starting your a business or following your dream.

There is no perfect time - There is no perfect time to start a business or going after a dream. “You have to jump; every successful person took a leap of faith” - Steve Harvey.  I tell people often there is no perfect time, because in the back of your mind you are coming up with excuses on why it’s not the right time. I have to do this or I have to do that before I can take a big risk like that. Usually when you come up with that excuse it will become a cycle of reasons why, and now wasted years of wishing.

On the flip side of that you must be well prepared with a plan to jump out there, you can’t just walk in your job and quit with no thought-out plan to execute. Deciding to become a entrepreneur usually takes steps, just as you long your taking them in the right direction you’re on the right path.

Check out Steve Harvey on “you must jump to be successful”


Success will not happen overnight -  If you think you will become successful right away think again. We are exposed to so much from social media, television, and the internet we often see so many people doing well for themselves and we think to ourselves “man they blew up fast”. But you’re not exposed to the grind, the endless hours they put in working to perfect their craft.

Steph Curry is arguably the best shooter of all time, two time MVP, and world champion. Coming out of high school he wasn’t a big-time recruit. He grew up in Charlotte North Carolina, major schools in the state such as Duke, NC state, and UNC didn’t offer him a scholarship. But that didn’t stop him from going after it, believing in the process of greatness. He stayed consistent and look at him how!


You must invest in yourself – Often we think of investing as money, but investing is providing someone or something a particular quality or attribute. You must invest in your dream, passion, or business first before asking anyone to invest in it. If you don’t believe in your brand, dreams, or vision why would anyone invest their time, money, or services. Even if you don’t have all of the money that you think you need, you can invest and take the initiative to start somewhere maybe start by creating a Instagram page for your business or start creating content to promote your brand; taking the initiative to start is a major key! 

Whatever your passion, dream, or idea is you must protect it, take action, and have a plan to execute.” A goal without a plan is a wish”. So continue to striving for greatness. And continue Stay Solid!