Welcome back family, Hope everyone had a productive and positive week! If you haven’t had the chance to read last week’s blog Titled “Did I work this hard to stay the same” go check it out!  This is the third installment of my #FruitfulFridays blog, to be honest I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. I have been getting great feedback and encouragement to keep it going. I appreciate everyone support and time you could be anywhere in the world but in this 15 minutes you here with me lol! This week I want to speak on motivation and how it affects us in everyday life. I also want you the reader to answer that question, what motivates you? I hope this blog will motivate and inspire each reader. Feel free to share your motivation and story.

It’s like what makes you do what you do? What makes you motivated? This is a line from the Bed-stuy  Brooklyn MC, Fabolous. But that’s a legit question, could you answer it? To perform at the highest peak of your ability something usually pushes you to that moment. When a ball player wakes up at 5 am to put up 500 shots before practice or when a teacher stays hours after school to tutor their students in math before EOG testing, what’s the motivation behind that?

Does your Circumstances Motivate you –  In your lifespan at some point you wanted life to be better. . No food on the dinner table so you get a job to provide for your family at 15. No father figure so now you got to be the man of the house protecting your family at the age of 12. “We cannot control the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand” – Randy Paush.  Are you going to be motivated for a better life or are you going to sit back and blame everything else on why situation is the way it is?


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Do Material Things Motivate You – We often compare our situations and our possessions to everyone else. Speaking with a good friend of mine yesterday he said “as people in America we have a identity issue”. Often we are judged by our peers by the material things we have instead of the morals and values in us we look on the outside.

I want the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes I suppose I just want to be successful. Lyrics from the Canadian mega star Drake but does this really mean success?  He’s driving a Civic (great car lol) I’m not going on a date with him. So are you motivated by the material things for being accepted by your peers? Are we too focused on what is not real and not even payinging attention on what’s really going on in real life? Are you portraying a life on social media to be accepted by your peers with material things that don’t have any value?   Not saying you shouldn’t want nice things but keep it in perspective, if it comes to buying those new pair of Yeezy’s or paying rent on time which one will be the smarter move?


Does Your Past Motivate You -  Growing up you promised yourself that you weren't going to be that father or mother that’s not going to be there for their kids. You are motivated by the past life to not continue the cycle. Or maybe you seen your brother start college and didn’t finish and you see the hurt in your mother’s eyes. You promised her you will finish school because you are motivated by different outcomes than in your past life.  Is the past going to haunt you so much you feel pressured to do the right thing or are you going to use the pain as fire to motivate you for success?

At the end of the day we all need a little motivation. Without motivation, you won’t see any growth. So, if you don’t know what motivates you, ask yourself am I really living? Stay Solid.